Professional IT Support

Despite all the great technologies and best efforts to make them perfect, things still break, don’t work as expected, or it's just not working like it did yesterday. CozyCloud IT is your one call away friend that can help provide the support you’ll need in those times. We what computer technology to aid in your work and not be a barrier from it.

  • Toll-free Number
  • Lower block of hour rates
  • Knowledgeable Support Staff
  • Web and Email Support Request Submissions
  • SLA on Unlimited and Block Hour Contacts

Managed IT & Monitoring

Keeping systems up-to-date and in good working order is the first step in keeping problems from disrupting the business. CozyCloud IT will take management of your computer systems and keep an eye on them. Making sure they get required software updates and patches as well as remain in healthy working order. We automatically respond to monitoring alerts from the servers or computer workstations, keeping technology problems from disrupting your day.

  • Mac OS and Windows OS Updates and Patches
  • 3rd Party Application updates and Patches
  • System Performance Health Monitoring
  • Enhanced Remote Support Tools
  • Inventory and other environment reports


I think by now we all know the importance of security threats. It comes from all sides and directions these days. Your business’s data is the most important part of your systems and keeping it out of the hands of others or from being destroyed is our number one mission at CozyCloud IT. We make sure the right tools are deployed on your network and computers to protect both your data and employees from the threats of today’s world as well as tomorrow’s threats. We provide solutions at all levels to keep the bad out and your business running the way it should.

  • AI Powered Anti-Virus and Malware Protection
  • AI Powered Email and SPAM Protection
  • Up-to-date Web Protection from online threats
  • Employee training and testing of good security practices
  • Next-Gen Firewall and Network Security

Cloud Applications & Computing

We know Cloud! It is a word we hear all the time anymore and CozyCloud IT can help your origination make the most of it. Cloud is In our name after all. Most of our services use cloud technologies to provide AI powered security, keeping an eye on your systems, and the support tools to help keep your business running smoothly. We can help find other cloud technology solutions and opportunities that your growing business can leverage.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Backups
  • Amazon AWS Public Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud
  • On-Permises or Datacenter Private Cloud


The network is today’s foundation for all information technology (IT) in your business and connects you to the world. It is where everything starts from Internet, Email, and many other business critical services. The security of all these services also starts with the network and making sure you have one that is designed and built to not only provide great access to this services but do so securely is important to the health of the entire organization. CozyCloud IT has the experience to make sure your network has a strong foundation no mater the size of your organization.

  • NG (Next-Gen) Firewall and Security Appliances
  • Managed Switches and Routers
  • SD-WAN and VPN services
  • 1Gb to 100Gb fiber and copper connections
  • ISP Management and Monitoring


Communication is important in getting business done. Our voice telecommunication services provide you with the best quality phone services at a low competitive price that is hard to beat. We have many voice solutions to help meet many requirements including your businesses needs. Let us put the right package together for you.

  • Easy to use phones
  • Use our phones at home
  • SIP and PRI Trunks for existing phone systems
  • All standard calling features included
  • Browser and Mobile apps included

Give us a call and let us put your technology problems to rest!

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